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You’re already creating a treasure trove of customer information. Isn’t it time you put it to great use? Sugar takes the customer data you generate daily — every email you send, each account update you make, all the social media interactions you create — to paint a crystal clear picture of your customer’s journey. With a simple interface focused on the features that matter most to sales reps, you’ll always have instant access to the exact insights you need.

Everything You Need to Build Better Customer Relationships

Get the competitive advantage you need, at a price you can afford. With Sugar’s clear and simple pricing. Download Overview

Automatically gather and analyze actionable insights from a broad range of social and business data sources, all with just a name and email.

Effortlessly map out each individual customer journey, from the first time someone hears from sales to the day you start sending satisfaction surveys.

Keep track of your most critical customer interactions and information, without ever leaving Gmail.

Automate your most complex business processes with drag-and-drop ease.